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Have you always wanted to SING HIGHER, SING with MORE POWER, SING with BETTER TONE and even go as far as create your personal SIGNATURE VOICE; but can't find singing lessons that actually tell you HOW to SING or EXPLAIN WHY you do the actions in the first place???

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We are all about the HOW and WHY
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Yvonne DeBandi, BME, is the creator of the SingSMART, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method, The Ten Steps to Singing Success Training Process and author of Singing is Easy!™, You Can Sing with Impact™ and Affordable Singing Lessons™.

Private Singing Lessons Online via Skype with Coach Yvonne

Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi offers training privately and through the A2Z Smart Music Academy both with an online and a virtual campus. You can also download her coaching programs for self-study.

Working with Vocal Coach Yvonne is easy and affordable. The downloadable products along with the online campus and virtual campus (A2Z Smart Music Academy) provide opportunities for questions and answers, master classes, and written detailed explanations through the Academy Student Help Desk, but if you still want the personal touch you can easily train privately with Coach Yvonne no matter where you are in the world. The only requirement is you must speak English and you must have SKYPE installed on your computer.

If you are not familiar with Skype it is a free software installation that allows for voice and video chat. Voice chat is acceptable, although video chat is the most popular form of training through this medium.

Click the chat widget to begin a Skype Chat with Coach Yvonne and set up your first lesson! If she is not currently online or with a student, she will respond to you as soon as possible.

Lessons are $50.00 for an hour and $30.00 1/2 hour. Payment in advance required.

About Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME

Creator of the SingSMART, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method
and the Ten Steps to Singing Success™ Vocal Training Tools

Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi
The vocal teacher that sings professionally and wants to share the knowledge and joy of singing with you!

Yvonne DeBandi, BME, has spent decades studying the art of music, anatomy, performance, theater and dance. While she continues to embrace the stage with professional vocal performances (as well as her guitar and keyboards); helping other singers discover the joy of their own voice is an honor and personal obligation.

It wasn't an easy road in the beginning for Coach Yvonne. When she discovered her passion for singing, she was struggling from physical anomalies that hindered her singing greatly, but she had no idea they existed: a severely deviated septum and an underbite causing TMJ, completely misaligning her vocal instrument. For a long time she was known for her leadership skills and passion for singing, much more than the actual performance result; until one day it clicked. All of her vocal challenges could be overcome if she would just treat her voice and body like an instrument you could hold in your hands. It worked!

Playing and training on the violin since the age of four and the french horn since twelve (with the piano, guitar and other self-taught instruments somewhere in between) she had quite a bit of experience with maintaining, tuning and dealing with slight instrument malfunctions. On the violin it might be that the bridge is failing and the strings are not the right distance from the surface. On the french horn there could be dents in the tubing or a chip in the mouth piece, not to mention the gunk that comes out the "spit valve". And, leave a guitar in a car on a hot day and you will find all kinds of new challenges and adjustments you will have to make in order for the instrument to sound good and play in tune. Sure, the voice is an instrument, you hear that all the time. But do you really know what that means? It was this epiphony that led to the Ten Steps to Singing Success™ Vocal Training Process and the SingSMART™, Not Hard Vocal Training & Performance Method.

SingSMART, Not HARD™ Revolutionary Vocal Training Method
Here's the basic gist of how it all works...

Singing Technique

Be a SMARTsinger, learn how to take the abstract out of singing."

And if you have trouble reading instruction or just can't quite turn a concept into an action,
now you can interact with Coach Yvonne in both
WEB-TIME (A2Z Online Campus) and REAL-TIME (A2Z Virtual Campus)

Join Us Today for LESS then a CUP OF COFFEE!
A2Z Smart Music Academy.

...or get a GUEST PASS and check it out for FREE!
...or choose a DOWNLOAD NOW & GO option and study on your own!

You will learn skills to protect yourself from vocal blowout (even singing hard rock and metal), discover your true vocal range and surprise yourself with vocal tones you thought you could never create. Even if you have tried singing lessons before but continue to struggle with unresolved issues or have walked down that scary path of vocal nodes, polyps or other vocal damage, you can still learn how to use your voice to the fullest potential, in a very healthy way.

With SingSMART, Not HARD™ you can stop mimicking other artists and find your own sound. The SingSMART™ trick is to Observe, Identify, Adjust. Observe your singing, identify what is out of balance and adjust your actions. If you know what to look for, it really is that easy. And ... even better news, the A2Z Smart Music Academy™ and Download & Go Singing Lessons are very affordable. Learning how to truly enjoy the art of singing will not cost you an arm and a leg!

Ask Vocal Coach Yvonne a Singing Question!
How easy are these singing adjustments?
Can you give us an example?

"Most of them are super easy, and of course, some are more challenging. It's really the multi-tasking along with the elements of timing and balance that require practice and repetition! How easily you learn to connect your actions to your resulting sound is a key factor in your rate of progress.

Here's an easy example: Sing a verse of your favorite song. Now do it again while opening your mouth twice as wide. Don't worry about how you look doing it, just take action! Open twice as wide and keep your face just as relaxed as it was before.

Hear the difference? Knowing the singing library of simple actions and options you have at your disposal, along with WHENto make those adjustments, is just like learning any other school subject or sport. Truth being, once you understand the control you have to skillfully manipulate your own sound, each song becomes a little game. 'Will I be able to execute this obstacle course of a song perfectly today?' (meaning make it sound the way I want without vocal blowouts, cracks, etc.); while at the same time 'Am I freeing the artist within, embracing the emotional moment?'

It seems to be a SMARTsinger Phenomenon: Once the Ten Steps to Singing Success™ are memorized and practiced they stop worrying about how that MONEY NOTE is going to sound, instead facing the challenge with...Game On! It is so much fun for me to watch this transformation. Keep up the great work SMARTsingers!"

Coach Yvonne

The A2Z Smart Music Academy provides many different opportunities for solo singers, classroom teachers, school systems, general music classes and more to take advantage of both the organized and easy-to-surf A2Z Online Web Campus or our real-time, interactive A2Z Virtual Campus via the 3-D Computer World of

At the SingSMART Training Studios and the online A2Z Smart Music Academy, we are all about YOU learning how to create your best singing tone, how to analyze your actions and how to instantly react by specifically adjusting what you are doing; thus achieving the sound you want. And you have a large variety of training options available to you, choose the method that helps you learn the fastest and easiest: online web consoles, downloaded files, personal mentoring, private consultations in the studio, master classes on our Virtual Campus, video consultations and critiques - whatever suits YOU the best.

Register as a full-time SMARTsinger at the A2Z Smart Music Academy and get 24/7 ACCESS to ALL SingSMART™ Vocal Training Tools listed above and MORE! Have a unique situation? Let us know, we'll be happy to work with you! We have flexible programs for both singing students and teachers.

Make a SMART CHOICE and JOIN US TODAY at the A2Z Smart Music Academy or use one of the DOWNLOAD & GO Options listed below to study singing on your own!

"For me, it's all about the joy of singing. Emotionally, spiritually and physically - singing makes you FEEL incredible. Sharing that joy with others is an honor for me.

It's true, that I do love to perform myself; but there's something about when the moment of concept occurs, the light goes off in the singer's eyes and the vocal tone takes on a life of its own (something I like to call a "Beautiful and SMART Musical Epiphony"), that's how I know for sure that teaching is my true calling.

If I can help you FIND YOUR VOICE, join me at the A2Z Smart Music Academy and we'll create a vocal training plan that suits your needs."

Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi
Creator of the SingSMART, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method

What's the difference between the SingSMART™ Vocal Training Method and the Ten Steps to Singing Success™?

The SingSMART™ Vocal Training Method is the overall concept and strategy of Observing - Identifying - Adjusting your actions as you perform. Learning to pay attention to what you feel and hear, and recognizing what SMART adjustments you can make to get the sound you desire.

The Ten Steps to Singing Success™ is the PROCESS used to help you learn everything you need to be a SMARTsinger. It's easy!

Get started today and sing better in a matter of a few short lessons.

Download & Go with FREE ONLINE ACCESS
for your SMART DEVICE!

Online Singing Lessons provide the best value here at SingSMART™ as we have high-quality effective training programs with AFFORDABLE PRICES for DOWNLOADS.

Not only are our downloads affordable, but you get A LOT of options. In addition to the DOWNLOAD & GO LINKS, A2Z downloads provide access to online consoles -- so you can easily use the courses from any SMART Device that can connect with the internet! We also provide interactive softwares, online jukeboxes and of course, easy downloads for both .mp3s and all the written material via easy .pdf download (print with a click).


All Orders get ONE YEAR FREE Access to the Online Web Course at the A2Z Smart Music Academy (Log in and follow the links to download immediately, or use online with your SMART device!)

Small but Powerful Medium & Meaty Large & Detailed Super Size
Affordable Singing Lessons You Can Sing with Impact and Power! Singing Lessons Easy Singing Lessons Easy

Just the Simple Facts!

Pro Singers print the book to keep in their gig bag for a reference and love the quick warmup when in a pinch for time.

Beginner Singers love the straight-forward factual nature.

Karaoke Singers use this course to learn basic facts they need to know to impress their audience -- and the 8.5 Minuted Extended Warmup on the way to their favorite Karaoke establishment. Warming up the voice makes a HUGE difference!

Teachers love the easy to follow lesson plan and 8.5 minute group warmup!


WebBook w/ Audio,
1.0 Interactive Software,
2.0 Interactive Software,
Print .pdf Book,
Fast & Funky .mp3s
Fast & Funky 8.5 minute
Karaoke-Style Exercise

Learn More
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Effective & Easy!

Pro Singers love this 45 minute vocal exercise program. Whether they are warming up the voice pre-performance or exercising to increase skill level, this powerful Vocal Workout makes a difference. Easy to follow instructions serve as a reminder for important vocal techniques!

Beginner Singers see fast improvement due to the organized vocal exercise instruction and design!

Teachers love the easy to follow audio lesson plan wtih contemporary vocal exercises that students enjoy using every day!


13 audio tracks of vocal instruction, 11 fun vocal exercises, singing tips, examples, clear analogies and written information that make the concepts easy to understand!

Learn More
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Organized & Detailed

Pro Singers love this course because they get all the information teachers didn't have time to share or lacked vocal mechanic knowledge.

Beginner Singers that really want to know about singing love the step-by-step detailed nature that doesn't leave anything out, building a strong vocal foundation.

Teachers love this detailed curriculum designed around, 10 Steps to Singing Success. Created to grow with students, it can be effectively utilized for long-term vocal training. Comes complete with quizzes to check your understanding!


Printable 200-Page Book, Easy Exercise Vocal Jukebox
.mp3 downloads of all audio files; Interactive Course Software makes learning the nitty gritty of singing mechanics fun and easy!

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with an incredible bonus!

Get all three online singing lessons courses, which work very well together, plus some incredible bonuses. Choose the curriculum to start with depending on your level or just what mood you are in. Whether you are looking for quick tips or detailed training, have it at your fingertips!


Affordable Singing LessonsAffordable Singing Lessons
Sing with Power OnlineYou Can Sing with Impact
Singing Lessons EasySinging is Easy!

Bonus A2Z Access:

Singing Lessons EasyOne FREE YEAR of SMARTsinger SILVER REGISTRATION at the A2Z Smart Music Academy which gives you access to not only these course web consoles but the ENTIRE A2Z Smart Music Academy Training Tool Library. This includes the A2Z Vocal Exercise Collection, A2Z Song Performance Track Library, the A2Z Music Library, Master Classes on the A2Z Virtual Campus and so much more!

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Singing Questions Answered Not sure which is right for you? Don't worry. You can connect directly with Coach Yvonne. Get a FREE VISITORS PASS to the A2Z Smart Music Academy and get some first-hand help!
Very Affordable.

FAQ: Are my SingSMART lessons a Membership?
Will I have recurring charges?

A. No, absolutely not. Your DOWNLOAD SINGING LESSONS and GO option is just that, with a one-time affordable fee.

Log in to the Academy (immediate access granted upon purchase or use links in e-mail received), click the Download & Go option to download your files with one click.

We provide you one free year at the A2Z Smart Music Academy™ so you can check out how easily you can train from your SMART Device as well as other benefits afforded with the online consoles. If you like the option, you can register with the A2Z Smart Music Academy™ to continue your benefits at the end of your one-year term.

If you ever need help, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll help you get your account squared away just the way you want it!

A2Z Smart Music Academy Help Desk (Help Tickets go directly to Coach Yvonne)
A2Z Smart Music Group Corporate Help Desk (Help Tickets are answered by the very capable A2Z Smart Music Group staff)

Does Coach Yvonne teach private voice lessons - face to face, in person?

Absolutely! While individual training spots are limited, when it is the best option for the student singer, private voice lessons are offered in the Clearwater, Florida area (greater Tampa Bay).

If you are a already a registered student with the A2Z Smart Music Academy™, visit the Academy Help Desk.

You can also connect with Coach Yvonne on Facebook.

If you are not a registered student or on Facebook, contact Coach Yvonne from the A2Z Smart Music Group™ Corporate Help Desk and they will pass your message along. Be sure to include your e-mail and phone number, along with a brief description of your personal needs and goals.

If you are not in the local area, consider private lessons via SKYPE.

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