Raise the Soft Palate for Better Vocal Tone – Free Singing Tips A2Z

Creating a larger space inside your mouth by raising the soft palate, or fleshy part of the back of our throat, helps achieve a deeper more well rounded singing tone. One way to achieve this is to think of biting into a large apple. At SingSmart™ we like to call this APPLE AH. To practice, pretend you are about to bite into an imaginary apple and sing AH. A great way to practice this exercise is a vocal siren. Remember, it takes repetition of this action to retrain those muscles to hold that position so do this on a regular […] Read More

3D SingSmart Academy

There is a new type of training available…and right now you can get a glimpse of it for free!  The academy is built in 3D Website fashion, which means you can literally walk around and engage with others in the classroom. This is the just beginning, but get a glimpse for free while you can. SING SMART ACADEMY : Web-Worldz.com Once you enter – use the TELEPORT DIRECTORY / EDUCATION links or simply walk to the school and take the elevators! Sorry, this won’t be free forever as server costs and development will force us to charge a small fee, […] Read More