Unify Your Vowels

Do you sing one word on a specific note easily, but another word on the same pitch seems much harder? You could probably use some practice and training on unifying your vowels. The ability to unify your vowels and make them sound as if they come from one instrument, having about the same high and low frequencies and blended with no cracks or breaks is one skill that separates the accomplished singer from an amateur. For ultimate training on all aspects singing, check out Singing Is Easy, Basic Foundation Series. Jaw tension can also cause issues with vowel unification.  Jaw […] Read More

Jumping Jacks can Save the Day

There are many reasons why singers might not have breath control at a performance. Whether you suffer stage fright, haven’t been diligent with your exercise routine or been sedentary that particular day, getting your vocal performance power source to work at it’s very best sometimes requires a kick-start: a quick set of Jumping Jacks can do just that. You see, it isn’t always about the singer’s ability to breathe properly for singing and sometimes it doesn’t come down to breathing technique at all…sometimes you just need to get your heart pumping to really take those deep breaths required to sing […] Read More

Jaw Tension and Singers

JAW TENSION Most singers don’t realize how tense their jaw is because it feels perfectly natural to them. Jaw tension is developed gradually, slowly over long periods of time.  Until you take a “vacation” from that tension, you will never realize how it is impairing your singing.  In today’s stressful world, this is something that impacts a huge number of singers, and they don’t even realize it. Be sure to stretch out your face and jaw muscles. Make a specific point to monitor your jaw when singing (and throughout the day) to be sure it truly is relaxed. Jaw tension […] Read More