Jumping Jacks can Save the Day

There are many reasons why singers might not have breath control at a performance. Whether you suffer stage fright, haven’t been diligent with your exercise routine or been sedentary that particular day, getting your vocal performance power source to work at it’s very best sometimes requires a kick-start: a quick set of Jumping Jacks can do just that.

You see, it isn’t always about the singer’s ability to breathe properly for singing and sometimes it doesn’t come down to breathing technique at all…sometimes you just need to get your heart pumping to really take those deep breaths required to sing at your best. As a performer myself, I try to share the tips and tricks that work for me, but this particular beauty is one I have witnessed work in many different situations.

Karaoke singers often find themselves full of nerves or waiting for an hour or two to grace the stage and professional singers often have long drives to their performance, sound checks that take forever and don’t forget the single song spotlight performances like singing the National Anthem at local ballgame. Do yourself a favor and take three to five minutes before your vocal debut and do something that raises your heart rate. My personal favorite is jumping jacks, but some prefer to run in place, do chorus line kicks and a few of my students even carry a jump rope in their gig bag. To be honest, sometimes I don’t realize how my personal power source is not completely ready until the performance has already begun. On those days it is not uncommon for someone to find me on my first break between sets sneaking away to the restroom or other isolated location to “get my game on.”

As a teacher, my students will tell you that I frequently stop their singing in my studio and ask them to do 25-50 jumping jacks. New students often roll their eyes at me, but the smile on their face when they get back to singing shows me that they reach an understanding with the process as soon as they begin to sing again. It’s not long before they enter their lesson with the comment, “I already did my jumping jacks and I’m ready!” Try it yourself. It can truly make or break your performance.

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